Should motion comics be cheaper and/or free with ads?:
It's the Japanese Motion Comic!! Manga 2.5 is a...
Near Humanity is a horror motion comic with historical...
Astralojia is an independent experimental motion comic. A...

Batmobile - Tumbler Sixth Scale Collectible
Gimli Statue
War Machine Life-Size Bust

  • Motion Comic
    Operation Ajax
    iPad Only #

    Operation Ajax tells the true story of how CIA spies executed a coup against the Iran government in 1953.

    Operation Ajax consisted of propaganda, demonstrations, bribery, agents of influence...

  • [title-raw]
    The Walking Dead
    Days Gone Bye #1

    Robert Kirkman's epic zombie tale comes to life... in a zombie kind of way... Rick, a police officer, is shot badly in the line of duty. When he awakes from a coma, he finds his world is being...

  • The Joker in Batman Animated Motion Comic
    Batman Black & White Col. 1
    Case Study #2b

    A Case study, by two Asylum doctors, on The Joker and his past before he took on the identity. Main point of discussion is whether of not the Joker is insane or in fact totally brilliant and committing...

  • Motion Comic
    One War To End All Wars #

    Fubar is an epic story of an on-going political war told in an alternate reality with cat and dogs.

    Two factions who have been at war with each other for centuries finally come to an agreement...

  • [title-raw]
    Dead Space
    Issue #6

    Episode 6 to Dead Space conclude the prequel story. Everyone is trying to get off planet to avoid the mutating aliens, but things don't go acording to plan in the shuttle bay. Newman and Marla'...

  • Broken Saints Motion Comic Animated
    Broken Saints
    Chapters #1-24

    A troubled man from the Middle East.  An aging monk from Northern Japan. A Software engineer from the Pacific Northwest. A mysterious girl from the South Pacific.

    These four souls are...

  • Motion Comic
    Halo: The Return
    The Return #4

    From the pages of: Halo Evolutions comes the haunting tale of an Elite ship master who journeys across a shattered world- A world brought to ruin by his very own hand. All credit goes to 343 industries...

  • Motion Comic
    Thor & Loki
    Blood Brothers #2

    The roots of Loki's madness are laid bare as he taunts and tortures Thor's loved ones. But will the rest of Asgard's royals tolerate the rule of their dishonest and angry lord? And how will...

  • Rorschach in watchmen comic
    The Complete Motion Comic #1-12

    In an alternate 1985 where former superheroes, the murder of a retired superhero colleague sends active vigilante Rorschach into his own sprawling investigation, uncovering something that could...

  • Invincible animted motion comic
    Season 1 #1-6

    High school senior Mark Grayson reaches the time in a boy's life when he starts dating, applying to colleges, and using his newly inherited superpowers to battle the world's deadliest criminals...

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    The Long Way Home #1-19

    Buffy Summers leads 500 Slayers in Scotland with the help of her friend Xander Harris and her sister Dawn. Meanwhile, the government has grown wary and recruit Amy Madison to deal with Buffy. ...

  • Barbara Gordon In Batgirl Motion Comic
    Batgirl Year One
    Masquerade #1

    Barbard Gordon wants to fight crime. And no amount of the police, the FBI or other superheroes (Justice Society) telling her 'no' or 'you're too short' is going to stop her. Even...

  • Motion Comic
    Walk Among Us #

    GODKILLER, the illustrated film, is the story of Tommy, a teenage boy who follows an organ-stealing prostitute into the savage, post-nuke Outer City on an epic quest to find a new heart for his dying...

  • Dead Space 3
    Dead Space
    Issue #3

    Episode 3 - The Unitologist movement is gaining momentum. 65 people have died since the markers discovery. Religious fever is running hot and causing the planet's social structure to become highly...

  • [title-raw]
    I Am Legend Awakening
    Isolation #2

    A deadly virus has taken hold of the world - rejected by a few (the immune), killing many (the dead), and leaving the rest (the infected) - who live on to hunt the living, after dark. Based on Richard...

  • Batman Black & White 1.2a
    Batman Black & White Col. 1
    Two of a Kind #2a

    The sad story of Harvery Dent's second chance at life. After Facial reconstructive surgery, Two Face is rehabilitated and doing well at living a normal life but things start to get out of control...

  • Batman Motion Comic Blakc n White
    Batman Black & White Col. 1
    Good Evening, Midnight #4a

    Whilst Batman is saving a bus load of school children from a psychopath, Alfred reads a note Bruce's father had written long ago for his son. The two events overlap in the storytelling providing a...

  • Motion Comic
    Audio Quest:
    A Capt. LIGHTS Adventure #1-10

    After the destruction of her home planet, Captain Lights, and a small band of surviving audiophiles set out into the galaxy to collect and catalog the infinite audio of the universe in an effort tro...

  • Motion Comic
    Lost Girl
    Episode #1

    Lost Girl: The Interactive Motion Comic tells the story...

  • Motion Comic
    Episode #1

    A cop finds the perfect fireman axe. The rest is history.

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