Should motion comics be cheaper and/or free with ads?:
It's the Japanese Motion Comic!! Manga 2.5 is a...
Near Humanity is a horror motion comic with historical...
Astralojia is an independent experimental motion comic. A...

Batmobile - Tumbler Sixth Scale Collectible
Gimli Statue
War Machine Life-Size Bust

DMC is a community dedicated to promote and advance all things related to Motion Comics. Members can rate and review motion comics as well as discuss motion comics in the forums. All titles are rated and then aggregated to show the best in different categories. 

Can I join?
Yes, just click 'Signup' button at the top of the page. It's free to join and start posting your own reviews about Digital Motion Comics. Or sign up to our newsletter by clicking "Subscribe" on the top right of the page.

Can I advertise?
Please contact us for more information. 

Can I rate & review?
Yes, but you have to create an account and sign in to post reviews and detailed analytical scores.

How do I add a news article?
Contact us if you have news for the Motion Comic community and DMC will check it for spam etc... before it goes up. Remember to keep relating to Motion Comics.

How can I promote my Motion Comic?
Send us a link and DMC will evaluate it for customer assurance and post it on the main page or simply post details in the forums.

How do I sell my Motion Comic?
We are still working on the best model for indepenant makers to sell their works. Contact us if you have a project ready or in development.

If I sell what about my ownership?
You will retain all rights to your work. DMC will only take a small portion of the sale to cover admin costs.

What is an Analytical score?
The Analytical score is the total average score based on a rank given to parts of the motion comic including: Characters, artwork, sound, animation etc. Analytical scoring was created to give more justice to a review than a critics single personal score which doesn't take into account the individual elements that make up the whole.

What is an Audience score?
An Audience score is a simple 0% to 100% rating.

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